Diana Lake
Board Certified Massage Therapist

About Me

A little about your therapist...

I am Diane Lake, licensed and board certified.  I have been practicing a client-centered customized style of massage since graduating from MTTI (Massage Therapy Training Institute now called Wellsprings School of Allied Health) in early 2006 with over 600 hours of initial training.  I am a  licensed massage therapist in Lenexa and I maintain National Certification through NCBTMB (National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork).  I am also one of a few in Lenexa who are board certified.  I am  always open to learning more and continue to seek out massage technique classes that would benefit my clients. In a quest to provide the best care possible, I annually exceed the recommended CEUs for licensure and National Board Certification requirements.

"I have a holistic approach to health, believing in the body-mind-spirit connection.  I seek to understand your needs and to create the massage experience that best suits you using a variety of techniques to meet your goals for each massage session."

 I was drawn to massage therapy because of personal intense pain following radiation therapy to my pelvic region in 2002.  Western medicine was essential to destroying the cancer, but the only answer to the resulting pain that my doctors would give me was narcotics which I wanted to avoid.  I looked to Alternative and Complementary treatments for a more natural answer.  Regular massage therapy has totally eliminated the pain for me.  I returned to school (MTTI) to learn how I could help others in pain.  I strive to keep my prices low by offering regular clients special pricing.